Android VoIP SIP SDK - Quick Start

In this guide we will show you how to download, install and use Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android. This tool is made for you if you are interested in VoIP calls, call center clients and softphones. The softphone technology lets you to emulate mobile phones without owning an actual device. We will show every step so do not be afraid if you feel like this may be too much for you. Android VoIP SIP SDK will help your company to use a portable and cheap technology to help you grow bigger. Let's get started!

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. A form of voice telecommunication where the conversations are made in IP networks, like Internet, instead of the regular telephone network. You can develop VoIP applications with Android VoIP SIP SDK easily.

What is SIP?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a signalling protocol used with messaging applications. SIP assigns sessions to users to be able to communicate. SIP gives solution to connect the communication channels when a dialogue happens.

Download Android VoIP SIP SDK (video tutorial)

In our first short video, we show you how to download Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android. You can download it to your computer here to start working.

Open download page

To download Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android, visit the download page where you will find the file. (Highlighted in Figure 1)

open download page
Figure 1 - Open download page

Download the installer

The next step is to download the Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android installer. You can do it by clicking the link in the page. You will find information about the type of the file, the version number and the size, given in megabytes. (Figure 2)

download android voip sip sdk installer
Figure 2 - Download Android VoIP SIP SDK installer

Check the downloaded file

Make sure that the compressed file is downloaded by going to the address where your browser saved it. The most common place is the Downloads folder. (Figure 3)

installer zip downloaded
Figure 3 - Installer zip downloaded

Install Android VoIP SIP SDK

The following video shows you how to install Android VoIP SIP SDK. It starts with the extraction of the compressed file and goes all the way to the completion of the installing. You will see that you have the opportunity to select the destination folder and check whether you have the required space in your computer or not. The video is a little more than one minute but definitely worth to watch!

Extract the zip file

To extract the zip file, right-click the downloaded file to open the context menu. You can see an Extract All... option, selct that to do the extraction. You can select the destination of this file. You have the option to go directly to this extracted file after the completion of the process if you have the Show extracted files when complete box clicked in. (Figure 4)

extract zip file
Figure 4 - Extract zip file

Start the installer

In order to start the installer, open the extracted .exe file. You can find this file where you selected it to be extracted. This will lead you to the installation. (Highlighted in Figure 5)

start android voip sip sdk installer
Figure 5 - Start Android VoIP SIP SDK installer

Install Android VoIP SIP SDK

To install Android VoIP SIP SDK, select the Install button. You can alter the final folder by clicking the Browse... button and select a different destination. After you chose a folder and clicked the Install button, the Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android will be installed to your computer. (Highlighted in Figure 6)

install android voip sip sdk
Figure 6 - Install Android VoIP SIP SDK

Finish the installation

To finish the Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android installation, click the Finish button. (Shown in FIgure 7)

installation finished
Figure 7 - Installation finished

Start Android VoIP SIP SDK example (video tutorial)

In this video you will see an example to Android VoIP SIP SDK. We show you how to open it in Visual Studio and start the softphone. The video is only 65 seconds long, so you don't have to spend too much time with it!

Open example

To open example solution file, find the MyFirstSoftphone_03_Android folder. You will see a Visual Studio solution file there. Click on that and the Visual Studio will open with the softphone solution. (Figure 8)

open example solution
Figure 8 - Open example solution

Start Android softphone example

To launch the Android softphone example, click on the panel with the green arrow at the top of the Visual Studio window. It has the name of the softphone (Pixel 2 Pie in our example) so you can find this by looking for that name. Click on it and the softphone will pop up in your screen. (Highlighted in Figure 9)

start android softphone example
Figure 9 - Start Android softphone example

Check the example

If you found the launching button and clicked on it, the example phone will appear with the phone call options. (Figure 10)

example started on mobile
Figure 10 - Example started on mobile

Create Android VoIP SIP SDK test phone call (video tutorial)

The following video shows you how to start a test phone call in Android VoIP SIP SDK. If you want to make sure that the phone calls are really working, do this test. We show you how to open the phone and dial a number to create a test call. The video is almost exactly a minute long but do not let this length fool you, you will find this video very useful!

Set phone number and domain host

At the right-hand side, in the Solution Explorer, select the MainActivity__Softphone.cs item. In the source code you can see the phone number and the domain host. You can type these details here. Make sure to give them corretly, so you will not have any problem with them later. (All highlighted in Figure 11)

set phone number and domain host
Figure 11 - Set phone number and domain host

Start the softphone

Start the softphone with the launching button at the top of the screen. (Shown in Figure 12)

start android softphone example
Figure 12 - Start Android softphone example

Make sure that the softphone is registered

To make sure that your softphone is registered, check the phone's screen where the Registered - Online text indicates that you have a registered softphone. You need a registered softphone to start VoIP calls so checking this is highly recommended. (Figure 13)

softphone registered
Figure 13 - Softphone registered

Create test phone call

To start a test call, type a number in and select the PICK UP button. After this, you will see some information about the call state, like Setup, Ringing, Answered and In Call. By checking these informations, you know the exact status of your phone call. The other buttons, such as HANG UP and REDIAL help you to use this softphone as a normal phone. (All highlighted in Figure 14)

create test phone call
Figure 14 - Create test phone call


As you could see in this guide, Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android can be downloaded and installed easily to your computer. If you or your organization want to use VoIP calls, softphones or call center clients, you can develop them with Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android. This article shows all the basic steps for setting up the Android VoIP SIP SDK and gives you an example in using the softphones.

Continue reading in our website, you will find information about simple softphones and features there.

The next step is to download Ozeki VoIP SDK for Android and let the work begin!